A Door Set Open: Grounding Change in Mission and Hope

by Peter L. Steinke. Alban Institute, 2010.
Large a door set open

Peter Steinke is a widely recognized teacher and consultant in congregational systems, drawing on the work of the late family-systems expert Edwin Freidman. Steinke has authored several books on understanding congregations through the lens of systems theory. In this book, he covers the systems theory basics and then moves beyond that to address the challenges congregations face in the contemporary environment of rapid change. He brings his experience working with many congregations either paralyzed or plunged into internal conflict in the face of change. This book analyzes the reasons congregations get stuck and then offers leaders strategies for moving forward. Leaders are encouraged to be rooted in hope and to lead with an eye to mission, including reframing their challenges in positive, hopeful and mission-oriented ways. This short book is a good resource for clergy, planning and visioning teams, and leaders seeking to bring change in the face of rapidly changing culture.

Author Curated by Wendy McCormick

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