A Heart of Wisdom: Making the Jewish Journey from Midlife through the Elder Years

(Susan Berrin). Jewish Lights Publishing, 2013.

As the Baby Boomer generation moves into and through the retirement stage, many of them are looking to their faith for guidance. In this collection of essays edited by an expert on aging and Judaism, the resources of Jewish life and faith are brought to bear on what it means to age “Jewishly”. The essayists range from poets to rabbis to experienced lay people, offering a Jewish perspective on many facets of aging such as intergenerational relationships, midlife passages, and what the Hebrew texts have to say. The section on ceremonies includes a personal seder to celebrate aging and a rite for entering a nursing home. Appendices provide further textual and organizational resources. This book is addressed to a Jewish audience but its insights can be of benefit to interested non-Jews as well. Available only as an e-book.