A Parliamentary Guide for Church Leaders: Silver Anniversary Edition

by C. Barry McCarty. B&H Publishing Group, 2012.
Large a parliamentary guide

Successful meetings are possible only when there is an orderly consideration of business. This book is a simplified, unintimidating, practical guide to the rules and customs that govern deliberative assemblies. It is a book about how to get things done in a meeting, written by the Chief Parliamentarian of the Southern Baptist Convention. It has become a standard reference work for ministers, seminary students, congregational leaders, convention officers, and delegates/messengers. The author has pared the parliamentary code down to fundamental rules that leaders must know. Topics include how to propose, oppose, or dispose of a motion; how to serve on a committee; how to speak in debate; how to conduct a congregational business meeting; and how to draft or revise bylaws. Numerous real-life examples, a chart of motions, an extensive glossary, and sample church covenants are included in this practical book. This edition addresses special considerations for business meetings in multisite and multiservice congregations. It also includes an entire chapter on conflict resolution. It will equip you to influence decisions made not only in congregational meetings and denomination conventions, but also in other civic, professional, and political organizations in which you participate.