A Pastor's Toolbox: Management Skills for Parish Leadership

(Paul A. Holmes). Liturgical Press, 2014.
Large a pastors toolbox

Sometimes, to do great things, a congregation needs to get its own house in order. Paul Holmes, a professor at Steton Hall University, has edited a guidebook related to the practical challenges a congregation faces. Written from a Roman Catholic background, the advice is wonderfully suited for diocesan parishes. Because the book is overtly practical, much of its contents is applicable to other congregations. Comprehensive chapters on finance, budgeting, financial controls, hiring and firing, strategic planning, fundraising, and risk management are included. The next time you are stuck on an operational issue, it will be good to have this resource within reach. It covers those aspects of congregational life that are often neglected in seminaries or other theological training. The opening chapter proposes a theology of congregational management. Recommended for business managers, busy clergy, and those responsible for the effective operations of the local congregation.

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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