A Place Where Everybody Matters: Life and Ministry in a Small Church

by Jean F. Risley. Wipf and Stock, 2010.
Large a place where everybody matters

With the right perspective, pastoring a small church can be quite rewarding. Just ask this author, a former small church pastor and former business manager. Risley explores three aspects: the small church environment, its work and activities, and the pastoral role, both from what the church needs and what the pastor needs to be successful. Because small churches value and need everyone and their gifts, they can be good environments for relationship building and disciple-forming - the work of the church. From her management perspective, the author observes that ministries often grow from needs within and outside of the congregation. Identifying reasonable priorities can lead to unique, practical possibilities. From her experience as a small church pastor, the author knows it is incumbent upon the pastor to build close relationships and be available whenever needed. Helping members to be more self-sufficient in their ministry roles can be empowering to a small church. One chapter honestly discusses the challenge of not being able to afford a pastor and how both sides can balance expectations.