A Precious Fountain: Music in the Worship of an African American Catholic Community

by Mary E. McGann. Liturgical Press, 2004.
Large precious fountain

Here author and professor Mary McGann uses the lens of worship music to explore the culture of an “authentically Black and truly Catholic” parish; namely, Our Lady of Lourdes, San Francisco. McGann’s ethnography has reflections and observations from members of Our Lady of Lourdes, including the character of worship and the roles of children and leaders. McGann further delves into the congregation by examining worship components, such as the preached and sung gospel and the Eucharist. Female musicians, the Holy Spirit, and dancing are covered. One chapter discusses theological questions. Extensive notes, an index, and five appendices complete the text. This resource often reads like a journal and gives permission to others to fashion a new kind of church with roots in differing cultural perspectives. Lourdes’ uniqueness makes this resource more than a good read; it is for anyone who suspects that church can be more than old divisions and ways of being.

Curator Curated by Janet Hoover

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