A Spirituality of Fundraising

by Henri Nouwen. Upper Room Books, 2011.
Large a spirituality of fundraising

This timeless reflection, first published as a pamphlet and now available as a small book, emphasizes the ways in which fundraising can be a “call to conversion,” drawing leaders and congregations closer to God. By reframing fundraising as a ministry of spiritual deepening, Nouwen points to the ways that faithful Christians can participate in God’s work on new creation, bringing about the Kingdom of God. The encouragement provided in this volume might be particularly helpful to those uncomfortable with asking for money or conveying the importance of fundraising as a part of congregational life. The gentle spiritual focus of Nouwen’s writing encourages the reader to claim the value of their ministry, and seek resources from a position of confidence. Leaders and small groups alike can use this book as direction for meditation and prayer about stewardship and “the ask.”

Curated by Melissa Spa

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