Administration In the Small Membership Church

by John H. Tyson. Abingdon Press, 2007.
Large administration small membership

Clergy may hate administrative work, says United Methodist pastor John H. Tyson, but its effective execution should not be underestimated: “No matter how beautifully we preach, no matter how soundly we teach, no matter how profoundly we care for the sorrows and joys of others, if we fail in administration and leadership, we will eventually fail the other areas as well.” For Tyson, administration and leadership are intertwined, and poor administration in the smaller congregation negatively affects the pastor/congregation relationships, relationships that are crucial for accomplishing ministry. Effective administration and leadership, says Tyson, is an accurate calendar and more: recruiting and working with volunteers, worship planning and execution, discerning and mapping a congregation’s future journey, managing facilities, and implementing sound financial practices and principles. Tyson includes practical tips, ideas, and methods throughout the book. This user-friendly resource is appropriate for clergy from a wide variety of religious traditions.