Administrative Assistant Orientation Guide

Church Law and Tax Group. Accessed April 14, 2017.
Large administrative assistant orientation guide

Seven authors contribute to this resource from Christianity Today that addresses the responsibilities of church office personnel. Among other topics, the article discusses confidentiality, record keeping, and communication, and includes many suggestions and issues to consider. Communication, for example, includes determining the appropriate medium, how to improve printed communications, and how to manage a prayer list. With respect to confidentiality, the article distinguishes between printed, electronic, and oral information. A section about record keeping offers guidelines for document disposal and retention, such as immigration records, incorporation papers, donations, and pledges. Two sample job descriptions are helpful starts for a congregation that needs to create a job description for office personnel. The section on “roles and responsibilities” accounts for both the practical and spiritual aspects of the job. Though Christian in perspective, this is a must-read and useful training tool for clergy, staff, personnel committees, and judicatories from various religious traditions.