Adoptive Youth Ministry: Integrating Emerging Generations into the Family of Faith

(Chap Clark). Baker Academic, 2016.

Meaningful youth ministry that transforms lives in today’s world requires constant assessment and ability to make adjustments that meet real-time challenges. The adoptive approach advocates that leaders recognize all (including youth and adults) are fully members in the family of God; that all are siblings with no hierarchy of authority; that the church is responsible for the care of the vulnerable; that this includes outsiders as well as insiders. Clark is a Fuller Theological Seminary professor who chairs the Youth, Family, and Culture Department. This source gathers 24 practitioners with decades of experience to explore an adoptive approach that is both theologically sound and practical. Four areas are explored in detail: context, call, practice, and skills. Anyone concerned about how to make youth ministry more relevant to today’s youth will find this beneficial. For more information about the topic, visit {{Fuller Studio |}}.