African American Church Management Handbook

by Floyd H. Flake, Elaine McCollins Flake, and others. Judson Press, 2005.
Large african american church management handbook

Everything a congregation does (or does not do) has some influence on its ministry effectiveness. While managing people, operations, and money may seem mundane, these responsibilities cannot be separated from activities deemed more “spiritual”. This unique, detailed, and thorough resource for black churches of any denomination and any size covers virtually all aspects of church management. Co-pastors Floyd and Elaine Flake and CFO Edwin Reed offer helpful perspectives and practical advice based on key needs in the black church and their experiences at one of the nation's largest black congregations. The authors explore the theoretical and theological, as well as the practical "nuts and bolts" of administration. Chapter titles include: Distinctive Characteristics of African American Churches; The Pastor as Leader; Daily Operations; Managing People; Managing Money; and Legal Issues. Appendices include sample documents that can be easily modified for use in your own congregation. Samples include a mission statement, constitution/bylaws, strategic plan checklist, church budget, and event budget. This resource will be most relevant to African American pastors, seminarians, and congregational leaders.

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