Allstate Foundation Purple Purse

Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Domestic violence is a large social issue in the United States, and many congregations want to help reduce the impact of abuse on women and their children. One aspect of aiding these women is helping them to establish financial independence and feel empowered to restart careers, since financial abuse often accompanies physical and emotional abuse. The Allstate Foundation, an independent charitable organization created by the Allstate corporation, provides free resources to educate women coming out of abusive relationships about financial and employment matters. These resources include an online financial curriculum, as well as downloadable student and facilitators guides for financial and career empowerment classes. Congregations could publicize the web links for individual use, create a safe space for women to take classes, or sponsor and provide leadership for a group experience. If your congregation wants to get involved, this resource can be a way to help.