Alternative to Worship?

by Toby Tabachnick. The Jewish Chronicle. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Many religious communities struggle with meeting the spiritual needs of young adults. Jewish Chronicle staff writer Toby Tabachnick shares information about one successful event designed to help young adults connect with their Jewish heritage on High Holy Days. Two Jewish groups sponsored the event which, unlike a typical synagogue worship service, had social and educational components. The social part of the event sounds more like a party, and the learning portion used a variety of media to “create something that could be a fusion between Jewish tradition and 21st century sensibilities.” Movie clips, food, live music, and a unique venue created an environment that was conducive for discussing repentance, basic Torah, and justice. This article is for any congregational leader-Jewish or Christian-who wants to reach those who reject traditional religious services. It is a conversation starter that offers creative ideas for an “out of the box” event.