Alternative Worship

by Andrew Jones. The Underground Railroad. Accessed April 14, 2017.

Alternative worship or “alt.worship” is not monolithic, says Andrew Jones of The Underground Railroad, a group that sees itself aligned with the “global alternative Christian sub-culture.” Jones’ article summarizes alt.worship’s history to its contemporary expressions in the United States. Additionally, Jones offers eight alt.worship priorities, such as participatory, multi-sensory, “culturally relevant,” and “community-based.” Components of alt.worship include dance, visual arts, poetry, and music-and sometimes simultaneously. Additionally, as Jones explains, alt.worship is not led but “curated.” Some readers may find Jones’ descriptions of alt.worship outside the realm of appropriate Christian expression. People lying on the floor, for example, generally is not a mainstream religious life practice. Nevertheless, Jones says that alt.worship is cohesive with Old and New Testament scriptures and addresses a true spiritual need. This primer is for those who want to understand alt.worship or who are considering starting an alt.worship service.