Anabaptist Disabilities Network

Elkhart, IN. (877) 214-9838.
Large anabaptist disabilities network

Congregations, families and persons with differing abilities learn to identify and embrace their God-given gifts, their ministry to one another and to the church at large through Anabaptist Disabilities Network (ADNet). ADNet offers print and audio-visual resources for special needs populations, including those with chronic mental health conditions. Their Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN) provides a comprehensive evaluation tool to assess the extent to which all persons are included in the faith community. Mental health-related articles, books, booklets and DVDs are available on both their website and through their publisher, MennoMedia . Some of these include A Christian View of Mental Illness, A Fierce Goodbye - Living in the Shadow of Suicide and Circles of Love: Stories of Congregations Caring for People with Disabilities and their Families. Ministers and health ministry teams will definitely benefit from ADNet’s wealth of expertise and resources.

Curator Curated by Carole Wills

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