Anabaptist Disabilities Network

Elkhart, IN. (574) 343-1362.
Large anabaptist disabilities network

Congregations, families and persons with differing abilities learn to identify and embrace their God-given gifts, their ministry to one another and to the church at large through Anabaptist Disabilities Network (ADNet). ADNet offers print and audio-visual resources for special needs populations, including those with chronic mental health conditions. Their Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN) provides a comprehensive evaluation tool to assess the extent to which all persons are included in the faith community. Mental health-related articles, books, booklets and DVDs are available on both their {{website |}} and through their publisher, {{MennoMedia |}}. Some of these include A Christian View of Mental Illness, A Fierce Goodbye - Living in the Shadow of Suicide and Circles of Love: Stories of Congregations Caring for People with Disabilities and their Families. Ministers and health ministry teams will definitely benefit from ADNet’s wealth of expertise and resources.