Ancient Faith, Future Mission: Fresh Expressions in the Sacramental Tradition

(Steven Croft). Seabury Books, 2010.

This collection of essays edited by Episcopal Church leaders Steven Croft, Ian Mobsby, and Stephanie Spellers adds to the conversation about the future of the Christian church in light of the current cultural and religious context in the USA and the UK. Contributors include Brian McLaren, Archbishop Rowan Williams, Simon Rundell, and the late Phyllis Tickle. The book is divided into two sections: theory and praxis. Theory includes topics such as liturgy, the “New Monasticism,” and the Holy Spirit. In this section, Williams discusses “fresh expressions of church” and Tickle’s work is “Anglicanism and the Great Emergence.” The praxis section has stories from religious communities in relationship to specific topics, such as alternative worship, the sacraments, mission, and “U2charist.” Anglicans and Episcopalians may be particularly drawn to this work; however, the topics covered are challenging and compelling, making this resource appropriate for Christians from a variety of traditions.