Appreciative Leadership: Focus on What Works to Drive Winning Performance and Build a Thriving Organization

by Diana Whitney, Amanda Trosten-Bloom, and others. McGraw Hill, 2010.
Large appreciative leadership

Based on extensive personal and focus group interviews using Appreciative Inquiry questions, the authors, who are nationally known experts in the field of organizational leadership and development, present an innovative framework for leadership in a global society. At the heart of Appreciative Leadership are five core strategies: inquiry, illumination, inclusion, inspiration, and integrity. These five strategies serve as the framework for Appreciative Leadership and are explained at length throughout the book. Pastoral leaders interested in exploring Appreciative Inquiry from a leadership perspective will find this an exceptional and practical guide for examining and adapting one’s own leadership qualities within a positive change mindset. Throughout the text, pastoral leaders will find thought provoking questions that will facilitate personal reflection on one’s leadership style and capacity. Each chapter ends with a list of recommended books and websites for further exploration on the topic of leadership.

Curator Curated by Susan Weber

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