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How to Select a Professional Resource
This article equips congregations to select a consultant or outside professional to assist them in reaching their planning goals.
Revitalizing African-American Congregations for the Post-Civil Rights Generation
This article argues that the decline of the African American church arises from the assumptions of the kind of evangelism employed during the Civil Rights Era.
Michael Slind: Part of an Ongoing Conversation
This interview excerpt with a communications professional discusses the dynamics, content, and method of communication within an organization.
Anne Curley: Do the Right Thing
This website resource teaches lay leaders how to better handle a crisis and promotes collaboration between clergy and laity by providing reccommendations about appropriate channels and priorities of communication for disseminating information.
Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations: Benefits and Responsibilities under the Federal Tax Law
Created by the IRS, this booklet helps congregations ensure their compliance with the current federal tax code.
Debt Campaigns Can Work!
This article focuses on capital campaigns planned primarily to reduce congregational debt.
Beyond Hospitality
This article reflects on hospitality and the stranger through the lens of immigration, touching on topics such as social justice, immigration, power, and privilege.
10 Signals That Say "You Are Not Welcome In This Church"
This article identifies ten negative messages congregations unknowingly send to guests and visitors.
7 Do's and Don'ts of Welcoming Guests to Your Congregation
This article draws from the author's experience visiting various congregations to offer seven actions they can take to be more welcoming to guests.
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