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The Pastor's Guide to Audio, Video and Lighting
This article addresses common mistakes congregations make when installing audio, video, lighting, and how to avoid them.
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The Order of Service for the Closing of a Church
This download contains a Roman Catholic liturgy template for the closing of a church.
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The Non-Attending Faithful
This article looks at the practice of young people "attending to what matters" without attending church, affirming the life of faith away from institutions while expressing hope for the future.
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The Ministry of Small Groups: Towards an Integration of Orthodoxy and Orthopraxis
This article looks at six reasons why small groups fail and offers solutions.
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The Life Cycle and Stages of Congregational Development
This article presents a life cycle model that can help leaders understand their congregation's current life stage and anticipate inevitable transitions.
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The Eight Practices of a Missional Church
This article offers eight practices of a missional church while inviting readers to consider their own ministry and obstacles to growth.
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The Developmental Relationships Framework
This printable page reminds youth leaders of healthy developmental strategies to nuture young people.
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The Clearness Committee: A Communal Approach to Discernment in Retreats
This article describes the Quaker practice "clearness committee" and instructs the reader in how to conduct this meeting for the purpose of discerning an important decision or resolving a dilemma.
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The Church Leader’s Guide to Personality and Performance Assessments
This article reviews a variety of personality assessments for congregations considering using the assessments in the hiring process or to nurture teamwork.
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