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A Resource for the Closing of Congregations
This resource provides a theological and practical guide to closing a congregation.
7 Shifts Churches Need to Make Because of the Coronavirus
This article encourages intentional leadership shifts to remain vital during COVID-19.
"The Ethnic Church" in Changing Faiths: Latinos and the Transformation of American Religion
This article identifies three distinct ethnic characteristics of congregations frequented by Latinos.
Giving Gardening: Tips and Best Practices
This document from a Seattle-based food and nutrition group helps congregations make the most of their gardens.
This article helps congregations assess how their signage adds or detracts from their identity, mission, and values.
Resources for a Church that Wants to Fight for Black Lives
This guide helps congregations educate themselves about systemic racism and move toward racial justice.
Congregation-Based Community Organizing: Building Just Communities
This short booklet gives an overview of congregation-based community organizing (CBCO) and basic steps to join justice movements.
4 VBS Strategies for This Summer
This booklet offers strategies to adjust your summer programming due to COVID-19.
Alternatives to Calling the Police
This resource page unpacks why a congregation might call police and highlights alternatives that are less harmful to people of color.
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