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Ministering During COVID-19: Creative Ideas for Small Rural Congregations
This article lists doable, creative ideas from small rural congregations for how to do ministry under COVID-19 restrictions.
Essential Guide to Children's Ministry Safety
This resource provides an overview of how to keep children safe, touching on subjects ranging from classroom discipline to selecting adult workers.
Debt Campaigns Can Work!
This article focuses on capital campaigns planned primarily to reduce congregational debt.
Prepare Now for Post-Pandemic Ministry, Church Professionals Urge
This thoughtful article provides key leadership actions to prepare for congregational life after COVID-19 social distancing.
Amid Pandemic, The Way We Talk About Death is Changing
This heartfelt article describes how end-of-life care givers adapt their practices during COVID-19 to help people come to terms with loss.
Returning to Church: Ministry in the COVID-19 Outbreak
This ecumenical document outlines specific reopening phases with recommendations for worship, programming, safety measures, and staff.
11 Self-care Reminders for Clergy and Other Caregivers
This article lists healthy self-care ideas to alleviate compassion fatigue and stress during COVID-19.
Curriculum Overview for Children's Formation
This chart contains a comprehensive list of currently available children's faith formation curricula with descriptions of each.
Community and Congregational Listening: Coaching and Practices from Online Sessions
This brief article offers practical wisdom to take the pulse of the congregation and its community as a first step to do ministry "with not for" the target audience.
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