Arts Camp: A Creative, Customizable Alternative to Vacation Bible School and Beyond

by Christina Clark. Morehouse Publishing, 2015.
Large arts camp

Tired of using boxed VBS programs for summer ministry with children? Why not innovate with an arts camp? This source provides detailed “how to” plans for creating an experience where art is used to find meaning in scripture stories, explore issues such as ecology and peace, and bond with one another in the faith community. Part 1 outlines how to build a planning team. Sample time schedules make it clear how the day’s activities flow logically. Part 2 offers five possible theme-based camps: Praise, Ecojustice, Who is My Neighbor, Interfaith Peace, Saints and Holy Helpers. The Appendices contain a wealth of book resources and websites, as well as reproducible forms that can be customized or used as-is. Instructions to 14 supplementary games are included. This book is valuable for those who have no idea how to put a camp together, as well as for those who know how but are looking for fresh, innovative approaches.