Arts Camp: A Creative, Customizable Alternative to Vacation Bible School and Beyond

by Christina Clark. Morehouse Publishing, 2015.

This book includes detailed "how to" plans to create an arts-based camp that includes scripture stories, issues such as ecology and peace, and bonding as a faith community.


how to build a planning team, sample time schedules, possible camp themes, book resources, additional websites, reproducible forms, 14 games with instructions

Best For

children's ministry leaders and volunteers


purchase as a book or e-book

Suggested Uses

  • Build an arts camp planning team by reading part one and looking at sample time schedules.
  • Plan an arts camp for elementary-aged students by using the additional resources provided, reproducible forms, and instructions for supplementary games.

About the Contributor

Jan Goodyear

Jan Goodyear is a retired middle school language arts teacher. She retired after 33 years of teaching and has since educated herself on church transformation and applied that knowledge by consulting with churches on visioning, structure, leadership development, and Christian education. 

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