Associate Staff Ministry: Thriving Personally, Professionally, and Relationally

by Kevin E. Lawson, Mick Boersma. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.
Large associate staff ministry

Professors and former pastors Kevin Lawson and Mick Boersma combine their experience and education to offer associate staff members a model to help them blossom, grow, and remain healthy and intact. Approximately 600 associate staff members responded to surveys or participated in small-groups that led the authors to identify four aspects of well-being needed for associates to thrive: personal, relational, professional, and church leadership support. Personal includes items such as spiritual and emotional health. Relational focuses on interactions with others. Professional includes enhancement of skills. Church leadership support includes leaders who affirm and encourage staff and educate congregations about what associate ministry entails. Each aspect discusses sub-issues, such as vocation, stress, family, congregational expectations, continuing education, supervision, communication, and financial compensation. Reflection questions conclude each section. This resource can be used by judicatories, clergy, and associate staff members from any religious tradition as an evaluative tool or a foundation for change.