Back to the Basics: A Holistic Approach to Correcting the Stewardship Crisis in the African American Church

by George W. Banks, Jr. Wheatmark, 2008.
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Symptomized by inadequate support (respect and deference, salary and benefits) of the pastor, Banks, a pastor and teacher, diagnoses an independent church “stewardship syndrome”. He prescribes all-encompassing remedies: (1) teaching and preaching for the formation of stewards, not just givers; and (2) establishing a biblical church structure and clear leadership roles for the pastor and his wife, the associate minister and his wife, and deacons. He shows how the early fundraising practices in the African-American church, such as pew rallies, competitions, and ticketed dinners are still prevalent, and result in the over-emphasis on financial stewardship and the under-emphasis on discipleship, fellowship, service and evangelism. Banks also addresses the stewardship of money, including financing the church ministry, digging out of debt, family finances, the tithing principle, and grace giving. The three appendices offer helps for clarifying the trustee’s ministry, conducting new membership training, and planning for the pastor’s maintenance and benefits.