Becoming A Justice Seeking Congregation: Responding to God's Justice Initiative

by William K. Mcelvaney. iUniverse, 2009.
Large justice seeking congregation

A United Methodist pastor, professor of preaching and worship, and former seminary president, Mcelvaney writes with an awareness of the difficulties facing 21st century congregations, encouraging them to “…embrace the difficult vocation of justice…” He lays out ways in which popular Christian culture works against a justice orientation. This book offers congregations a way to consider social justice work with idealism and realism. Mcelvaney gives congregations a way to review their commitment to a public justice ministry by taking a long view of justice as a Christian imperative. Mcelvaney begins by considering where justice itself comes from, how to know it when we see it, and then offers encouragement for engaging this work, through stories of justice ministry shared by practitioners themselves.