Being Well When We're Ill: Wholeness and Hope in Spite of Infirmity

by Marva J. Dawn. Augsburg Books, 2008.
Large be well

Most of us can deal with short term illnesses fairly well - our own or that of another. Chronic ailments, however, require more challenging adjustments of mind, heart and life-style for which we may not be prepared. In Being Well While We're Ill, Marva Dawn offers empathetic wisdom. She is recognized as a theologian, author and educator on a wide number of topics, but in this book Dawn shares wisdom from her personal journey with several incurable ailments. With her typical thought-provoking theological explorations, Dawn examines issues that arise for many who live with long-term illness: loss of dreams, lament, meaninglessness, retribution, unproductivity, loneliness, chronic pain, worry, regrets, boredom, depression and dying well. The reader is challenged to consider underlying mental habits and bad theologies that hinder wellness. Being Well When We're Ill is a must read for anyone living with chronic illness, but also for pastoral care-givers and small groups.