Best Church Practices: Waivers and Releases

by John R. Throop. Church Law and Tax Group. Accessed April 14, 2017.
Large waivers and releases

Having forms that protect the integrity of a religious organization and its participants, volunteers, and staff can seem a bit alarmist and such a laborious task that procrastination is easy. Christianity Today author John Throop helps resolve this dilemma by providing a rationale for waivers, releases, and permission forms that addresses handling confidential information. He then specifies ten categories of forms that can be utilized once the download is purchased. Four forms are employment applications or for securing background checks. Several forms are for children, youth, and those who work with them, including camps and summer programming personnel. A “health history disclosure form” pertains to trips where medical care is not readily available. Although this resource is from a Christian source, the forms and information provide proactive protective steps for congregations from all faith traditions.