Beyond Megachurch Myths: What We Can Learn From America's Largest Churches

by Scott Thumma, Dave Travis. Jossey-Bass, 2007.
Large beyond megachurch myths

Much has been written about megachurches in recent years. In their respective roles as professor, researcher, author and Leadership Network leader, authors Scott Thumma and Dave Travis wondered what was true of megachurches, and if megachurches offered anything valuable to other churches, whatever their size. They address these questions by exploring megachurches as religious entities and by confronting ten megachurch myths, including too big to be healthy; akin to fast-food-quick, easy, and bad for you; homogenous and exclusive; and dependence on being entertaining. Thumma and Travis’ research revealed some surprises: megachurches are diverse, their success is more complex than entertainment, and their promotion of the Christian gospel is clear and compelling. Anyone who wants to understand the megachurch phenomena, or who wonders about what megachurches offer to the larger religious landscape, will find this resource fascinating and helpful.