Beyond the Yellow Ribbon: Ministering to Returning Combat Veterans

by David A. Thompson, Darlene Wetterstrom. Abingdon Press, 2009.
Large beyond the yellow ribbon

Congregations need not be located on or near a military base to have military personnel and their families. In fact, congregations can play an essential role in veterans’ re-integration into civilian life. While soldiers often come home with trauma, injury, and loss, they also return with valuable experience and skills to share. They have grit, courage, leadership skills and values that are often compatible with faith communities. This guide by experienced counselors, one of whom is also a pastor and military veteran, is full of information congregations need to know for a sensitive and informed approach. It includes a multi-point description of the military-friendly church that doubles as a ministry checklist. There are ideas for military outreach during the distinct stages of pre-deployment, actual deployment, re-deployment and post-deployment. Each chapter ends with “Tips for Ministry”. The book is a roadmap to ministry with a growing, vital and often religiously disengaged population.