Bipolar Faith: A Black Woman's Journey with Depression & Faith

by Monica A. Coleman. Fortress Press, 2016.
Large bipolar faith

Coleman's dramatic story living with debilitating depression and bipolar disorder unveils both the beauty and the darkness, the exaltation and the life-threatening depths of this difficult brain disorder. From her childhood, she was close to her Grandma whose love and influence instilled the character, resilience and faith that carried Coleman through trauma, rape, severe illnesses, multiple losses and suicidal ideation. Despite these challenges, Rev. Coleman completed studies at Harvard, Vanderbilt and Claremont. Her persistent search for healing and recovery is relayed in powerful, vivid and compelling prose. Coleman's story illustrates how hurtful, unjust and even dangerous simplistic, uninformed, judgmental assumptions about people with mood disorders are. Clergy, caregivers and small groups will find ample material for engaging discussion.