"Bleak picture" for Mentally Ill: 80% are Jobless

by Liz Sabo. USA Today, July 10, 2014 . Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large bleak picture

This searing article is one in a series over several months exploring the human and financial costs that our country pays for "not caring more about the nearly 10 million Americans living with serious mental illness." In this series, Sabo interviews nationally recognized mental health advocates and activists such as former Rhode Island congressman, Patrick Kennedy; Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren; National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) executive director, Mary Giliberti; and mental health professionals. Kennedy stated in a June 26 article, Mentally Ill Suffer in Sick System, "the USA routinely fails to provide the most basic services for people with mental illness - something the country would never tolerate for patients with cancer or other physical disorders." These articles would be excellent discussion starters for social justice-minded faith groups, potentially moving people to advocate for better community services and to create stronger networks of care for people with mental and emotional disorders.