Blessed Earth: Serving God, Saving the Planet

Lexington, KY. (859) 287-5443.
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Matthew Sleeth was an emergency room doctor when he felt led to radically reorient his life for earth care and repair. Blessed Earth is the organization he and his wife, Nancy, created in order to “equip and inspire” people of faith in the work of earth stewardship. From books to events to keynote addresses, Blessed Earth provides resources to guide, teach and support positive action. Both of the Sleeths are experts on the practical side of sustainability and the Christian faith. Their website offers links to tools such as downloadable Tip Sheets that suggest steps individuals can take in such practical areas as transportation, food, vacations, and entertainment. There are also web-based resources aimed at children, youth, congregations and more, with links to related organizations and websites. Blessed Earth is evangelical in perspective but their offerings are widely accessible. Their video presentations can be viewed on YouTube.