Building a New Church: A Process Manual for Pastors and Lay Leaders

by James E. Healy. Liturgical Press, 2009.
Large building a new church

Roman Catholic Priest James Healy understands first-hand the challenges and rewards for clergy and laity when building or renovating worship space. Healy believes that construction projects offer a “teachable moment,” and he offers clergy and lay-leaders a theological and practical roadmap for building both a facility and a people. Creating a construction team that is clear about what role members play, designing the space, and communicating with the membership, including with homilies are just a few of the subjects addressed. The needs assessment section offers formulas, reviews finances and costs, and says that, in some cases, congregations might be wise to use outside consultants. Twenty appendices, covering topics such as acoustics, artwork, fundraising, furnishings, interviewing architects, and what to consider before dedicating the space are available online at {{Liturgical Press |}}. Despite the Roman Catholic perspective, other religious groups will discover numerous topics to discuss before building or renovating.