Building for Ministry: The Book That Will Save Your Church 1,000's of Dollars

by Richard C. White. Authorhouse, 2008.
Large building for ministry

Richard White brings his years of experience and his unique perspective as a contractor and church consultant to bear on this guide to building a new congregational facility. White begins with a congregation’s mission. He believes that without the mission being clarified, congregations spend more money on building changes or get stuck in the process. White’s process includes several other elements, including the importance of selecting the best members for the necessary teams, stewardship, capital campaigns, and building design. Hints and cautions are sprinkled throughout. Do not hire an architect too soon, and how to address the overwhelming feeling that building often evokes in congregations are two examples. This brief book is a good primer. It gives an overview of the building process and the issues involved. It is, however, written from a Christian perspective, and as such, Christians will likely find the ideas and language most familiar.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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