C3 Conference

Fellowship Church . (800) 230-8860. C3Team@fellowshipchurch.com. Accessed April 18, 2017.

Each year, Ed Young, pastor of Texas megachurch, Fellowship Church, hosts the Creative Church Culture (C3) Conference, attended by thousands of pastors and lay leaders. Affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, Young has developed a variety of resources for what he calls the “creative church.” This can be understood as a network of evangelical resources for contemporary worship and ministry. Notable among these is a {{website | http://creativepastors.com/}} addressed to Creative Pastors, and an online network, C3 Global. For evangelical, seeker-sensitive congregations, this conference might be a valuable resource for addressing congregational culture and change. With application sessions (apps) focused on issues related to leadership and ministry, C3 addresses events, outreach, and vision as they relate to church culture, as well as focusing on different groups and ministries within a church’s life. Many sessions are also offered in Spanish.