Calvin College Pubs Clubs Alt Worship Compilation

Eric Buist. February 19, 2008. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large calvin college pubs clubs

This less than three-minute video from YouTube has no spoken words, but speaks volumes about England’s Calvin College alternative worship and its many facets and elements. Viewers see informal and formal gatherings where participants are both prone and standing in reverence. Journaling, drinking coffee at round tables, and partaking of communion are part of what is offered. Liturgy, teaching, preaching, singing, tactile activities, and multi-sensory experiences are shown. Additionally, incense, candles, and physical movement are included. Leaders in the movement-Johnny Baker and Archbishop Rowan Williams, and others-are highlighted. The video’s musical backdrop adds to the energy, passion, and creative feel of the worship compilation. It may be the lack of voices that ultimately makes this video so compelling. The video-like alternative worship itself-is an experience. This video is a great conversation starter for any congregation considering “out of the box” worship.