Capital Campaigns: Strategies That Work

by Andrea Kihlstedt. Jones and Bartlett, 2016.

Now in its fourth edition, this book is a standard for those planning a capital campaign, and seeking to learn about the components, potential, and best practices from an experienced practitioner. Not specifically addressed to congregations, this general reference provides replicable timelines, materials, and strategies that can translate across scope and scale, and which can be customized to address the specific missional objectives of any organization. Kihlstedt provides a detailed assessment of the types, characteristics, and phases of capital campaigns, and she offers insight and plans that work in a variety of settings and at different scales. At every stage, this book emphasizes the potential that a capital campaign has to reinvigorate the mission of an organization, and that perspective, along with very practical nuts-and-bolts suggestions, makes this an excellent resource for congregational leaders undertaking a capital campaign without a paid consultant. Visit {{Captial Campaign Masters | }} for resources related chapter-by-chapter to the book.