Celebrating the Offering

by James Amerson, Melvin Amerson . Discipleship Resources, 2008.
Large celebrating offering

Following the success of his earlier book, Stewardship in African American Churches: A New Paradigm, Melvin Amerson has been joined by James Amerson in authoring a thoughtful, concise book, Celebrating the Offering. Aimed at congregations seeking to make giving a central, joyful part of worship, the resource could be used by a stewardship committee or by those who plan and lead worship, as a guide to reconnecting the financing of ministry to the offering of worship. The book addresses generosity and stewardship in the bible, practices for celebrating the offering, and the role of clergy and laity in that celebration, with a special section dedicated to children and youth. Appropriate for large or small congregations alike, this book serves as a catalyst for viewing generosity and giving as a part of Christian worship and the celebration of the church’s relationship with God.