Center for Congregational Health, Inc.

Winston Salem, NC. (336) 716-9722.

The mission of the Center for Congregational Health is “to strengthen congregations through consulting, leadership coaching, and training for intentional interim ministry.” Its team of consultants represent several denominational traditions and areas of expertise. Consulting services are offered in strategic planning, team building, staff development, decision making, governance restructuring, and conflict reconciliation. A unique aspect of Healthy Church’s Interim Ministry project, called The Association for Intentional Interim Ministry, is that it not only trains persons in interim ministry, but is also a clearing house to help congregations find a good match for an interim minister who might serve their needs. These services are available for an annual subscription fee. The Center for Congregational Health’s website includes archived blogs searchable through a list of categories. Churches, particularly those with a congregational polity, will find the interim ministry resources useful for times of clergy transition. Congregations looking for an outside consultant may find a match with consultants from the Center for Congregational Health.