Changes Congregations Are Facing Today

by Lovett H. Weems Jr. Lewis Center for Church Leadership, 2014.
Large changes congregations facing today

This collection of articles provides a thorough look at the patterns of change in congregational life over the past decade. The focus of Lovett Weems’ work at the Lewis Center for Church Leadership has been on applied research integrated with a faithful witness for the church. This book brings together that research on a variety of topics relevant to congregational culture, from patterns in worship attendance to finances, mission, and staffing. For leaders interested in knowing how their local observations map to a broader landscape, this resource will provide valuable context. Of particular note is the effort made by Weems, a United Methodist, to address the relevance of congregational size in understanding change. This collection will prove to be a good resource for congregations interested in a specific area of congregational culture, or for those seeking a general overview of change in church life, broadly speaking. Available only as an e-book.