Children of God Storybook Bible

by Desmond Tutu. Zondervan, 2010.
Large children of god storybook bible

“In the very beginning, God’s love bubbled over when there was nothing else - no trees, no animals, no sky, no sea - only darkness.” (Genesis 1:1) With this poetic start, South African Anglican Bishop and Nobel laureate, Tutu, launches a retelling of over fifty Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. The stories are presented in the order in which they appear in scripture, maintaining a sense of their overall narrative flow. Illustrated by artists from around the world, this book has a truly international look. The audible version, read by the author, is a feast for the ears, even as the artwork delights the eyes. Christian congregations can recommend this book to families for faith formation at home, and use it as a resource for church-based activities, such as children’s worship, children’s sermons, and educational activities.