Christian Bible Studies

Christianity Today. Accessed November 21, 2018.
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If you have a question about the Bible or are looking for Bible study resources related to spirituality, there’s probably no better place to look than Christianity Today’s website. Over 1000 Bible studies are available, many of which are free and downloadable. It’s easy to search for topics of interest or browse the side bar of new and most popular resources. Answers to Bible Questions will lead the viewer to a plethora of queries they’ve had about the Bible and some they’ve never thought to ask. If you are a small group leader looking for a Bible study for your group, the options on this website are plentiful, varied in length and topics. In addition, you will find spiritual formation booklets for the whole congregation on a variety of subjects including Advent, Lent and other holidays. Christians from evangelical and some independent and mainline congregations will find this website and its prolific spirituality resources valuable and informative.

Curated by Beth Booram

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