Christian Community Development Association

Chicago, IL. (773) 475-7370.
Large christian community development

Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)’s mission is to inspire, train, and connect Christians who want to reclaim and restore under-resourced communities. Their model is based on relocation (embedding in the community), reconciliation (through building relationships) and redistribution (through grassroots community development.) They are a network of practitioners, whose staff organizes the annual CCDA Conference and offers regional training and support. Their website provides free online audio and video recordings of past CCDA Conference sessions. Their publications include the annual CCDA Theological Journal, Empowerment Book (and DVD), by Mary Nelson - a workbook for churches who want to use the CCDA approach, and FutureProfits, (published by Able Works) an engaging financial and life-skills curriculum designed for use with under-resourced youth. The website gives a brief video introduction to CCDA. Congregations looking for a committed partnership approach to service within their communities will find CCDA an inspiring resource.

Reviewed by Katie Lindberg

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