Christian Educators’ Guide to Evaluating and Developing Curriculum

by Nancy Ferguson. Judson Press, 2008.
Large christian educators guide evaluating developing curriculum

Ferguson takes the guesswork out of how to begin and implement the task of evaluation and curriculum development by offering step-by-step processes. Her experience as a certified Christian educator in the Presbyterian Church laid the groundwork for this source. Part 1 launches the effort by examining and evaluating the church’s current philosophy and purpose of Christian education. Six key elements are proposed as bases for the work. Outlines for two workshops contain worksheets that guide the process. Part 2 moves toward evaluating and choosing curriculum based upon the elements. Again, helpful worksheets are included. If a group decides to write curriculum themselves, Part 3 takes them through a systematic process of considerations. Part 4 offers guidance in adapting existing curriculum. Christian education consultants, boards, and committees will find this source valuable in shaping a program of substance that engages learners.