Christian Social Innovation: Renewing Wesleyan Witness

by L. Gregory Jones. Abingdon Press, 2016.

From a scholar with deep roots in the Wesleyan tradition comes this thin volume that examines and celebrates the church’s legacy of social innovation, and advocates drawing from its riches to address today’s pressing social concerns. Social innovation is the creation or renewal of institutions that foster human flourishing. Christian history is rife with creative and effective examples, including some of the world’s best schools, medical facilities, and institutions of care. Jones urges communities of faith to embrace this vital heritage in what he calls “spirit-guided traditioned innovation”. Such innovation is marked by blessing, hope, forgiveness, friendship, imagination and improvisation. With these resources of faith and tradition, the book inspires and instructs a new generation to meet the social challenges and opportunities of our day. While there is no discussion guide, a seasoned leader will find that the book’s structure lends itself to group study.