Christian Stewardship Network

Lake Forest, CA.

The Christian Stewardship Network was developed by stewardship ministers of large membership churches, with a mission to “…connect stewardship pastors and leaders and help them be the absolute best they can be.” The Network offers a variety of resources for congregations interested in developing their stewardship efforts, including white papers on a variety of stewardship and financial topics, a podcast, and teaching resources that might be used in a small group. Additionally, this organization hosts an annual training event for leaders. Called “The Forum”, this three day workshop focuses on learning from others about stewardship, highlights best practices in recruiting and utilizing stewardship volunteers, and includes presentations from stewardship leaders and authors, as well as time to network with others planning their stewardship approach. Evangelical and non-denominational, this network provides web resources, book recommendations, and a biblical focus for stewardship planning and development, including an email newsletter and congregational membership.