Church Administration: Creating Efficiency for Effective Ministry

by Robert H. Welch. B&H Publishing Group, 2011.
Large church administration

The business of congregations and religious nonprofits is ministry - not business. Yet leaders of such institutions still have to make plans, manage operations, and lead others. Research suggests the average Seminary graduate spends less than two percent of their academic preparation in study for these administrative and leadership responsibilities. This book is designed to help pastors and staff members become efficient and effective leaders, managers, and administrators. The author is a former dean and professor of administration at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He begins by grounding readers in historical and theological foundations for administration, the four principal functions of administration, and theories of leadership. The remaining ten chapters include a mix of theory and practical guidelines and templates. Topics include: Documents for Administration; Organizing the Church; Administering Personnel, Financial, Risk Management, and Physical Resources; Administering the Office; and Administering Planning, Program, and Support Activities. The book is most appropriate as a textbook and for pastors and administrators with limited education and/or experience in church administration. A simple index makes this easy to use as a desktop reference guide. The author’s theologically conservative interpretation of Scripture, emphasis on Baptist polity, and limited discussion of technology tools should be noted.

Curator Curated by Sandra Herron

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