Church Administration Handbook

(Bruce P. Powers). B&H Publishing Group, 2008.
Large church administration handbook

This comprehensive resource will help those responsible for congregational administration to organize and implement a wide variety of programs. The book is packed with practical, time-tested guidelines for everything from office administration and finances to special events and new ministries. The highly-respected authors in this edited volume have served in congregations, in denominational administrative positions, and as theological school faculty. They have prepared a handbook well suited for congregational leaders and seminarians. The content moves sequentially through three broad categories crucial to administrative leadership: (1) how a minister relates to organizations and to people (organizing, team leadership); (2) how a minister performs administrative functions (planning, facilities, finance, communication); and (3) how a minister develops leadership and ministry skills (equipping ministries, staff relationships). Each chapter provides basic information and gives guidelines and procedures related to the topic. The authors also include administrative tools that can be adapted for use in a variety of contexts - from traditional to contemporary, rural to urban, and unicultural to multicultural settings. The material may be studied systematically from beginning to end or consulted topically, as in a reference book. Extensive footnotes and supplemental resource lists provide guidance for those needing specialized assistance.

Curated by Sandra Herron

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