Church Collaboration

David Raymond. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large church collaboration

Church Collaboration is a website built by coaching and consulting firm ChurchFuture of Minneapolis that draws on research of various types of church mergers and collaboration models to provide ideas and how-to suggestions to churches exploring their merger options. The data comes predominantly from Evangelical Church in America (ELCA) and United Methodist churches, but the merger models described are equally applicable across denominational and independent congregations. The website describes 9 Ways to Cooperate: Shared Campus, Parish Model, Continuation Merger, Rebirth Merger, Absorption Merger, Service Coalition, Church Partnership, Without Walls, and New Church Plant. The pages describing the models cover a definition of the model, an inspiring case study, the track record for the model, and benefits and obstacles. A How-To Guide for beginning conversation about any of the models explains how to create congregation-wide visioning, be honest about where the congregation is, get the facts about and talk constructively with prospective partners, look objectively at collaboration options, form a team, and communicate effectively.