Church Growth Services

South Bend, IN. (800) 234-9853.
Large church growth services

Church Growth Services is a church-focused consultancy with over 50 years of experience assisting congregations with fundraising and capital campaigns. They emphasize a “Stewardship of Life” process that considers commitments of time, abilities, and financial resources, particularly in preparing the first phases of a building campaign. They offer services focused on pre-capital campaign study, and also have expertise in new building, renovations, and debt reduction. Based in northern Indiana, the senior consultants work with diverse congregations across the country. Their website outlines the steps of their process, from assessment through implementation, celebration, and evaluation. Church Growth Services emphasizes advance research and preparation in order to avoid potential mistakes or pitfalls, and they promise success in fulfilling attainable goals as a result. In addition to their contract consulting services, they also make available whitepapers, assessment of congregational giving potential, and other resources free of charge.