Church + Home: The Proven Formula for Building Lifelong Faith

by Mark A. Holmen. Bethany House Publishers, 2015.

“If religious life in the home influences the faith of children more than what happens at church, and if parents are two to three times more influential than any church program, shouldn’t we be investing the majority of our time and resources on equipping the home to be the primary place for nurturing faith? How can we reestablish the home as the primary place where faith is nurtured through our existing ministry structures?” In Church + Home, author, pastor and parent Mark Holmen argues for a new-yet-old approach to ministry that will reverse the flow of young people out of churches and establish lifelong faith for them and their families. His method is called Faith@Home. Addressed to congregational leaders, especially pastoral staff, Church + Home offers information, ideas, anecdotes, and practical tools to shift from program-centered ministry to home-centered faith formation. Each chapter includes a summary, quotes and stories from church leaders, analysis and reflection from a variety of additional sources, and a discussion guide called “Ponder, Pray and Discuss”. Appendices provide additional resources such as an outline for holding a congregational Faith@Home Leadership Summit and suggestions on how to include singles and seniors. Additional resources are available at the {{Faith at Home website |}}.