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Christianity Today. Accessed June 26, 2019.
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Health care mandates. Child abuse reporting laws. Same-sex marriage rulings. Every month, laws and judicial decisions are made that affect the way congregational leaders manage. This website (a ministry of Christianity Today) offers a wealth of resources to help these leaders navigate a complex legal landscape. Topics include legal issues for pastors, church property and administration, employment law, and liability. Content is authored or curated by Richard R. Hammar and a team of highly-respected editorial advisors. Hammar is a renowned attorney, CPA, and subject matter expert in legal and tax issues for congregations and clergy. Blog posts and electronic newsletters on topics related to law, tax, finance, and risk are available for free. A comprehensive library of “weekly lessons” offers interactive training for pastors, board members, business administrators, and youth/children’s workers. An annual subscription ($119.95) allows unlimited electronic access to a fully searchable legal library and the website’s many articles, videos, blog posts, assessments, infographics, and slide shows. Congregations of all types and sizes will find this website invaluable.

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