Church Music Institute

Dallas, TX. (214) 751-7669.
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The Church Music Institute seeks to be an agent for improving music life in both church and culture. This Texas based organization is a resource for congregations that use sacred music in worship in the context of a liturgical tradition. They primarily, but not exclusively, work with Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, United Church of Christ, Episcopal, Disciples of Christ and Roman Catholic congregations. Their offerings include workshops and seminars as well as courses at Brite Divinity School and Union Presbyterian Seminary. The organization is dedicated to holistically promoting the health of church music in worship by lifting up its importance, providing practical educational experiences for church musicians, clergy and laypersons. Such educational experiences include training for organists, choir directors, as well as planning sessions for pastors and musicians according to the liturgical year. Charlotte Kroeker serves as the Executive Director of this Institute that serves clientele online across the U.S. and provides on-site offerings in the NW, SE and NE United States. Their website contains a unique and comprehensive online library of reviewed church music compositions. You can search by voicings, liturgical reference, scripture, etc.

Curator Curated by Tim Shapiro

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